Open letter from the people of Chelem to the Municipal and State Authorities

Members of the Expat Community that own property and reside in the Chelem / Yucalpetén / Chuburná area, wrote a letter to the Yucatan Times stating that there is currently a serious situation with the garbage, specifically in Chelem.
This is an Open Letter to the Authorities, from the people of Chelem:

The residents of Chelem have noticed over the summer and the during the month of September, the total lack of respect visitors have for the environment, the city and the people of this port.
They think of our beach as their own personal garbage dump and toilet. And the city government does nothing about it.
This situation WOULD NOT go over in Progreso or Merida, so why is it allowed here in Chelem?
Chelem beach access
Chelem beach access
Why is it that thousands of people can use our beaches as a garbage dump? Why are there no dumpsters located at each entrance to the beach so all the trash can be properly disposed of?
We have spent a lot of time and money to beautify our beaches so that everyone may enjoy them, yet we are allowing people to use our city as a dump.
We should have a dumpster at every entrance to the beach. We should have police lookout posts similar to lifeguard stands to monitor beach activities and be close at hand in case of emergencies.
There should be port-a-potties at every beach entrance. We have seen children playing on the beach get their feet cut by broken glass, had fish bones stuck in their foot because someone was too lazy to discard their trash properly.
Sunday afternoon in Progreso
Sunday afternoon in Progreso
There is also a big issue with the Public Transportation Vehicles, the beach roads in Chelem are not built for heavy traffic; but there are so many buses on these roads, that it is almost impossible to drive down them or even enter your own home.
These Public Transportation Vehicles should be dropping the people off at Centro, and then park in a designated area (possibly near the baseball field), then pick the people up at a specific time from Centro again. This is a dangerous situation for pedestrians and motorists alike.
Garbage problem in Chuburna Puerto
Garbage problem in Chuburna Puerto
If we do not speak up now, then when? If not us, then who? It is time to put our feet down and say ”NO MORE”.
The People of Chelem



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