Social Media Crime Group critic believed killed in Tamaulipas, Mexico

Maria-del-Rosario-Fuentes-Rubio (Image: Facebook)

María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio of Reynosa was one of the collaborators of Courage for Tamaulipas, or Valor por Tamaulipas in Spanish, a Facebook page and Twitter account that provide warnings of signs of criminal activity and reports on attacks.

It has operated since early 2012 but has received many threats from criminal organizations, and at one point was shut down for fear of reprisals.

Fuentes Rubio disappeared on Wednesday, according to Courage for Tamaulipas, and because of posts to her Twitter account since then, is believed to have been killed.

On Wednesday two photos were posted, the first in which she appears alive, looking at the camera, and the second where she is lying on a floor, bloodied and lifeless.

Three messages followed: “Friends and family, my name is María del Rosario Fuentes Rubio, I am a doctor, and today my life has come to an end.

“All I have to say is don’t commit the same mistake as me, nothing is gained by it; to the contrary, today I realize that

“I have met my death for nothing; they are much closer to us than you think.”

Maria-del-Rosario-Fuentes-Rubio (Image: Facebook)
Maria-del-Rosario-Fuentes-Rubio (Image: Facebook)

The last statement appears to be intended to link the message with threats received last week by Fuentes Rubio, when she was warned about her tweets critical of organized crime.

She received another message later that advised: “We’re getting closer to some (of you), be careful, felina.” Felina was the name the victim had used on social media.

The administrator of the Courage for Tamaulipas account has written that criminal groups have been creating a series of social media accounts in recent months to confuse people, and to try to establish the identities of those who contribute crime and security warnings.

One has also offered a reward of 600,000 pesos for information about the people behind Courage for Tamaulipas.

Yesterday the site’s administrator announced the disappearance and presumed assassination of Fuentes Rubio, who “gave her life, her future, her security and her peace, she gave everything for the people of our state.”

She added “what the criminals don’t know is (she) lives on in our hearts and for that we will never give in to organized crime.”

Fuentes Rubio’s disappearance is now being investigated by the state’s anti-kidnapping unit.