Piccolo’s: Neapolitan Style Pan Fried Pizza

Last night we took a drive and luckily came across Piccolo’s Pizza, we were cautious so we only purchased the small size for $70.00 mxp, and they have mini Pizza’s for only $18.00 mxp


Cooking pizza in the oven is a thing of the past,and Piccolo’s cook their NEAPOLITAN STYLE PIZZA, by Frying it in a Pan.

I met the owner Ernesto G. Piccolo, he assured me that they only uses real Mozzarella cheese, with the freshest ingredients, and a tomato sauce recipe handed down from his family, that is Italian. I asked for extra sauce, and it came with pepperoni and prosciutto ham, and then topped off with parmigiana cheese.


He wanted us to eat it at his place,while it was nice and hot, but we wanted to take it home.

They work out of a food cart that you can not miss, it is right next to Los Trompos, in Los Pinos, they have tables and chairs, and offer Pasta, Pizza and Subs.    

After we left the Piccolo’s,and headed back to our house to try the Pizza, the car had the smell of a Pizzeria from New York, I could not wait to try it. 

Piccolo's Pizza
Piccolo’s Pizza

Well, let me tell you, Piccolo’s has done it, the Pizza was delicious, with REAL MOZZARELLA CHEESE, and all the ingredients, were out of this world, and fresh. the only thing that my wife and I regret was that we did not buy the Large one!!


piccolo delivery bike















So, I highly recommend going tonight and treating yourself to a delicious pan fried Pizza. Like we say in New York, Fahgettaboudit

Bad Points:

  2. No chairs for BIG folks
  3. Slices are not cut even

I give Piccolo’s 3 1/2 Chef hats out of 5


3.5 hats

Delivery Call (999) 370-7331
Hours: 6:30 pm to Midnight


Buon Appetito

Chef Bob Lisandrello


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