Mexican Senators demand Guerrero’s Governor Resignation

Ángel Heladio Aguirre Rivero (Photo: The News)

PRI and PAN senators demanded Guerrero Governor Ángel Heladio Aguirre Rivero to resign on Tuesday, stating that he should step down because of irresponsible omissions and a failure to comply with legal and constitutional obligations that created a power vacuum in the state.

The Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) and National Action Party (PAN) senators accused the governor of enabling the murder of six civilians and the kidnapping of 43 students in Iguala, Guerrero on Sept. 26 through poor leadership and failure to control organized crime in the state.


The senators agreed to postpone the debate of the PAN proposal to oust the governor and take federal control of the state government until October 30. The debate was scheduled for Tuesday. If senators vote to move forward with the action, the state would be taken into federal control until the Governance Committee, headed by PRI Senator Cristina Díaz Salazar, rules that the broader social political turbulence in the region has been smoothed over.

Ángel Heladio Aguirre Rivero (Photo: The News)
Ángel Heladio Aguirre Rivero (Photo: The News)

The tribune was organized by Senate Vice-president Arturo Zamora Jiménez of the PRI. As long as the governor refuses to resign it will be impossible to find a solution to the ungovernability currently prevailing in the state, he said.

“Gov. Aguirre Rivero allowed for constant corruption and impunity in municipalities like Iguala,” said Zamora Jiménez.


“The National Human Rights Commission has determined that he allowed this to happen. It is necessary to strip the governor of his post to recover confidence in the social fabric of society. There is clear evidence that the Guerrero governor failed to comply with constitutional and legal obligations and created a power vacuum in the state. We maintain that there is no possibility of arriving at a rational solution while he remains in office,” said the PRI senator.