Mexican Police shoot and wound German student in Guerrero

Mexico Federal Police

Mexican police have accidentally shot and wounded a German university student in a confused series of events.

Prosecutors in the southern state of Guerrero say they are investigating Sunday’s shooting, but did not provide the student’s name.

Prosecutors say the student was in stable condition at a Mexico City hospital.

A state police officer had been killed in an earlier shootout with kidnapping suspects, leading police to set up inspection checkpoints in the Guerrero state capital of Chilpancingo.

The van carrying the student was on its way from Acapulco to Mexico City, passing through the town of Chilpancingo, and allegedly failed to stop at one of the checkpoints. Officers “thought they heard a gun shot” and opened fire on the van.

Police tried to stop the van, believing it was suspicious, and opened fire when the students kept driving, fearing that armed men might be trying to kidnap them“, state prosecutor Inaky Blanco said.

The German college student resulted with an injury in the buttocks, the Police Officers finally searched the vehicle and realized they were not carrying any weapons and took the wounded man to a local hospital, where he was stabilized and finally taken to Mexico City in an ambulance and interned in a private hospital where he remains in stable condition.

The police involved have been detained and their weapons are being tested, according to a statement from the state attorney general’s office.

The shooting came two weeks after police in another Guerrero city, Iguala, opened fire on teacher’s college students, killing six and leaving 43 other missing.


Source: Associated Press