Hacienda San José Chakán: A Unique Lifestyle Concept in the Heart of the Mayan Country

The Hacienda San Jose Chakan (the word Chakan means Red Snake in Maya) was built in the 1900’s, during the era of the “Yucatecan Green Gold”. Sisal (Henequen in Spanish), the agave plant used to manufacture rope, twine, and coarse fabrics for decades. During the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX Centuries, the Haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula exported this material to the United States as well as every country in Europe, Asia and Southamerica.


San Jose Chaka belonged to a Yucatecan Family for 65 years, but in 1999 it was acquired by a group of investors from France who envisioned and foresaw an upscale and exclusive residential project.


The property was thoroughly renovated and turned into a place of magic, filled with history, culture, impressive architecture, astonishing decorations, beautiful gardens and open areas.



San Jose Chakan is strategically located just 15 minutes away from Periférico and the Cosmopolitan city of Merida, Yucatan, where you can find all kind of World Class services and attractions, including an International Airport with direct flights to Houston, Miami and Las Vegas.


From American Franchises such as TGI Friday’s, Carl’s Junior, Costco, Sam’s Club, Tony Roma’s, IHOP, Hyatt Regency or Walmart; to local and regional restaurants featuring the one of a kind Yucatecan Cuisine, traditional markets with meats, poultry, fish, textiles, all kinds of arts and crafts, hammocks, guayaberas, etc., or if you’re in the mood for a typical “taco”, you can attend small restaurants featuring homemade “Cochinita Pibil”.

Mercado Municipal Mérida, Yuc.
Mercado Municipal Mérida, Yuc.
Plaza Altabrisa, Merida
Plaza Altabrisa, Merida

Real Estate Development

Hacienda San Jose Chakan offers lots for sale from 700 to 1500 square meters, where you can choose from several different construction styles, that will make a perfect home for you and your family.

San Jose Chakan Master Plan
San Jose Chakan Master Plan

9 Hole Golf Course

Our golf course was conceptualized with the residential complex location in mind. We created it with an eco-friendly approach, developed to blend in with nature in a dynamic and adaptable way, using USGA (United States Golf Association) approved materials, in order to meet the needs of the different levels of play.




Recreational Activities

But Hacienda San Jose Chakan is not all about Golf, we have other recreational activities developed with family in mind.

  • Swimming Pool: exercise or just relax by the pool, order a drink and forget about life for a while.
  • Mountain Biking Trail: allows the whole family to enjoy a peaceful and safe bicycle ride, surrounded by lush vegetation.
  • Mini Golf court with 9 holes, for children to have fun and learn how to improve their golf skills.






Our “1900s” Restaurant is located at The Hacienda main building, if offers a wide variety of plates consisting of a unique fusion of French and Yucatec cuisine. Simply Delicious!

Sunday is the perfect day to visit Hacienda San Jose Chakan, because you can enjoy a fantastic buffet at our restaurant, and take a look around the property with no rush whatsoever.


Ideal for a gathering


Hacienda San Jose Chakan is the Perfect Venue for your wedding party, event, congress, convention or family reunion.

The Hacienda has a roofed terrace, with a capacity of up to 300 people, featuring catering service, waitng service, wine cooler, indoor Air Conditioning conference room, and also outdoor green areas that can be adapted for the most memorable and beautiful garden party ever.

Perfect place for a celebration
Perfect place for a celebration


And finally, if you’re fancy to take a walk along the beach, you just drive your car for another fifteen minutes, and you’ll reach the gorgeous beaches ofChicxulub Puerto, where you can enjoy watersports, deep sea fishing, or eat at one of the many seafood restaurants onsite (at very reasonable prices, by the way)… What else could you ask for?

Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatán
Chicxulub Puerto, Yucatán

We are waiting for your visit at Hacienda San José Chakán, so we can show you some of our great hospitality and you can realize that there is no better place for a Real Estate investment in the Yucatán.


Contact Information:

  • (Sales Office in Merida) Plaza City Center Mérida, Yucatán.
  • Colonia San Ramón Norte.
  • Anillo periférico y calle 30. Local 86.


Chicxulub Puerto
Working Hours: 9:00 – 20:00
Ph.- 01 999 944 0956
Email: chakan@live.com.mx



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