“Immigrant Marathon” to be held in December

Immigant Marathon

Adán Lázaro, a Mexican living in New York, organized the 7th edition of the International Immigrant Marathon in the municipality of Puebla to unite Mexican immigrants with their families and promote athleticism in the Mexican community.

“The goal is to promote the sport and unite immigrants with their families and places of origin,” said Lázaro, who immigrated to New York more than 50 years ago from Puebla.

The roadrace scheduled for Dec. 14 will have a maximum participation of 2,000 amateur and professional runners, participating in either the five or 10-kilometer track which will start at the doors of the City Hall in Puebla.

In an interview, Lázaro said runners from six countries, plus about 50 young Mexicans or people of Mexican descent returning to Puebla, will participate in the race in December.

Immigant Marathon
Immigant Marathon

“We organized this event on behalf of the Mexican immigrant community, and I am very proud to see that families and children are uniting for a healthy recreational sporting event,” said Lázaro after announcing the race at the Mexican consulate in New York.

Proceeds from the race, estimated to be more than $5,000, will provide scholarships for indigenous children in Puebla, he said.

Additionally, male and female winners of the 10-kilometer race will be awarded prizes, including 100,000 pesos ($7,397) and a trip to Puerto Rico.

In 1992, Lázaro founded Club Atletico Mexicano de Nueva York (Mexican Athletic Club of New York).


Source: http://thenews.com.mx/