Entertainment Content is Mexico’s fifth biggest export, worth US $27 billion

Mexico is becoming widely known as one of the world’s major exporters — automotive, aerospace and agriculture are the sectors in which this country plays an international role.

But close on the heels of those sectors is another, less known export — creative goods, or entertainment content. Mexico is now one of the top 20 countries in the world in this regard, generating a full 7% of GDP and — according to ProMexico’s forecast for this year — revenues of US $27 billion.

These numbers make this sector the fifth most important for the Mexican economy.


Much of the exported product is television content, in particular the popular telenovela, for which the broadcast and production firm Televisa became internationally famous. Mexico produces more than 100,000 hours of television content every year, which is exported to 100 countries and translated into 30 languages or more.

The biggest market, of course, is the Spanish-speaking world and here Mexico leads the way as the world’s largest exporter of Spanish content. Last year, that content was viewed by more than 1 billion people around the world.

Next month, representatives of Mexico’s creative industry — cinema producers, post-production firms, software developers and video game makers among others — will be off to Cannes, France, for an annual exposition for the world of entertainment content.

Emilio Azcárraga, Televisa's owner, CEO and Chariman of the Board (Photo: http://noticias.lainformacion.com)
Emilio Azcárraga, Televisa’s owner, CEO and Chariman of the Board (Photo: http://noticias.lainformacion.com)

MIPCOM is a gathering where content producers spend four days networking, in conferences, watching screenings of television and online content and visiting exhibits by 2,100 companies from around the world. More than 13,500 participants are expected.

This is only the second year that Mexico has participated in MIPCOM, and this year will be featured as the country of honor. Mexican content producers will be showcased in several events at the show, to be held October 13-16.

ProMexico communications spokeswoman Karla Mawcinitt Bueno said last year only 20 Mexican firms attended. This year, 105 businesses, out of a total of 1,500 in the sector, will attend, demonstrating their creative talents and meeting with global firms interested in what Mexico offers.

Mexico exports Creativity (Getty Images)

Of this country’s participation last year, Mawcinitt said “we never imagined the outcome of the conference and we’re very proud that there are so many small and medium-sized businesses ready to sell their products and ideas.”

She said the world’s Spanish-speaking population is one of the fastest-growing segments for the entertainment industry, and that Mexico offers an ideal platform for production.

Source: http://noticias.lainformacion.com/



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