Ensisal: Paradise just minutes away from the ‘Merida Lifestyle’


The ‘Merida Lifestyle’ can be whatever you would like it to be. From cultural to clubbing, from shopping to symphonies and live theater houses, to World Class Medical Facilities and just about every little convenience in between, there’s something for you in Merida. And with Sisal and Ensisal less than an hour from downtown, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds. “Suburban seaside living at its very best!”

Budget-wise, no matter how you want to live, you can count on spending a fraction of what life costs up north. All of the major business in Mexico are represented in Merida and you can get just about anything here.

Here you can enjoy the daily services of a maid, cook, and gardener, eat out three times a week, see shows, and even see the dentist once a month and still spend less than $2,500 USD a month. In Merida and in Sisal you will find real Mexican prices and nothing targeting the tourism market. More bang for your buck and no sacrifices.


Just as an example, let’s take a quick look at the 2014 Big Mac Index (which is published as a courtesy by the Economist Magazine at www.economist.com/content/big-mac-index).

The Big Mac Index is a great way to tell how much a country will REALLY cost you when you live there. The Index takes into consideration the local prices of various goods and services and also accounts for the exchange rates.

downtown Merida
Twilight in Centro

By comparing the USA or Canada to Mexico, you will find that in the USA we are paying $4.62 for a Big Mac. In Canada that same Big Mac costs you $5.01 (all in US dollars). However, if you lived here in Mexico, you can pick up a Big Mac from McDonald’s for only $2.78 and save about 43%. This coincides with a recent publication from the Yucatan Times, which compared living costs in Merida to Toronto. For a more detailed comparison please visit:


However, if you area a “Big Spender”, Merida offers all the conveniences you would expect from a city with a million citizens.

You can walk into a Range Rover store, the Mercedes dealer, drive a Lamborghini or a Bentley, eat off of Villeroy & Boch tableware, sleep under RL sheets, shop at fine department stores, and find things like 90″ flat screens or even a Wurlitzer. There is nothing that does not find it’s way into the city of Merida.

In fact, because the Merida area is so safe, it now has the highest luxury car sales per capita in all of Mexico. No matter how you plan on living down here, your money will last longer or take you farther when living in or around Merida.

Merida Downtown
Merida Downtown

“And Our Survey Says!”

According to a study from a leading American consultancy company ProMatura (promatura.com), the Yucatan is an extremely attractive location for North Americans when living off shore. Here are some very interesting facts about the ‘expat’ community in the Merida area. The sampling included about 300 people who responded to the entirety of the survey, and here’s what they had to say about living here:
49% live here full time
33% live here part time
74% are American
19% are from Canada
18% said it’s VERY EASY to live here
42% said it’s EASY
(that’s 92% calling it some degree of EASY)

22% feel they are a real part of the community
55% feel they are somewhat part of the community

As for the most important, 51% feel safe ALL OF THE TIME
and 45% said they feel safe MOST OF THE TIME
(again, that’s 96% feeling safe MOST OF THE TIME or more ).
53% had purchased their property on their second visit
31% on their first visit
5% purchased their property even BEFORE ever actually visiting
(again, 89% came to visit Yucatan on vacation and then came back again to buy)

Merida Lifestyle
Merida Lifestyle

That’s the scoop directly from the horse’s mouth. There really is something very special about this place; and we’d love to share it with you. But be careful if you do come to visit the Merida and Sisal area; you may end up never going back…!


Source: http://www.ensisal.com/lifestyle.html

For more information regarding ENSISAL, please contact:

Ensisal Seaside Community
Calle 47 No. 226 (con 38)
Colonia Benito Juarez Norte
Merida, Yucatan CP 97119

Office: 011(52) 999.948.0100
email: info@ensisal.com



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