Chetumal reported the smallest national increase in prices for products and services

According to information published by the National Statistics, Geography, and Information Institute (Inegi), Chutemal reported the smallest national increase in prices for products and services in September, said Quintana Roo Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo.

“In September, the capital reported a variation of 0.10 percent in price for basic goods and certain services, generating less inflation,” said Borge Angulo.

The governor said that Chetumal joins other cities like Tepatitlán in Jalisco, Acapulco in Guerrero, and Tijuana in Baja California in measuring minimal variation in the consumer price indices, between 0.07 percent and 0.14 percent.

The federal delegate from the Economy Secretariat in Quintana Roo Luis García Silva said that in Chetumal, after that IVA tax was raised from 11 to 16 percent, inflation was reportedly less than in cities that already had a 16 percent IVA in place such as Campeche and Mérida between September 2013 and September 2014.

Chetumal Airport
Chetumal Airport

“This is because prices increased all over the country,” said García Silva. “Inflation effects were caused by raised fuel prices, meteorologic phenomenons and lagging commerce. In small part, it was caused by the increase in the IVA at border areas, as is the case in Quintana Roo.”

In addition, Economic Development Secretary Javier Díaz said that Inegi calculated the numbers based on prices in 46 cities spread out between the 32 states of Mexico.

Díaz said that President Enrique Peña Nieto has created public policies that attract investment, generate jobs and support the economy. The policies of the administration contributes to the well-being of the families living in Quintana Roo by increasing their earnings and economic security, said the secretary.

The information institute also released reports showing that the cities that recorded the highest inflation were Culiacán in Sinaloa with 0.67 percent inflation, Fresnillo in Zacatecas with 0.64 percent, and Guadalajara, Jalisco with 0.63 percent inflation.