“The only thing I would hire the typical Mexican lawyer to do is to pick up some carry out food and deliver it to my house – in the taxi he drives as his principal daily source of income”.

This was written by Edward V. Byrne, a former contributor to The Yucatan Times under the previous management who, because his services were no longer required, now regularly makes unfortunate comments against The Yucatan Times, the articles, or basically anything posted therein. However, this post goes beyond pejorative because it applies not only to the Yucatan Times but to one of the oldest and most respected professions in Mexico… Law.


The practitioners of law in the Yucatan are particularly well known in Mexico since it was a Yucateco who developed the “Juicio de Amparo” or the “Convenio transaccional de desocupacion” just to name a couple. However, Mr. Byrne, a self-described lawyer and journalist from the United States, currently living in Mexico according to his Facebook page, claims:

 “Mexican lawyers are to lawyers as military music is to music. It’s an insult to an ancient profession even to so denominate most of them. They study law as an undergraduate major, not as part of a rigorous post-graduate program (three years after first earning a four year university degree) as U.S. attorneys must. They hold no license and they submit to no bar examination to determine their competency.

As a law specialist and contributor to this media company, I condemn such words since this is an insult to law practitioners such as judges, lawyers, magistrates and of course, Mexican universities.

If Mr. Byrne is so unhappy with the Mexican law, why is he in this country that he criticizes so much? Enjoying many of the liberties written in the Constitution by… Mexican lawyers!

Dr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez B.

 Juan Manuel Rodríguez B. Is a Yucatecan lawyer, specialized in Criminal Law and has contributed to The Yucatan Times on issues related to politics and law reforms. He is certified by the Superior Court of Justice, is a “Criminal Law and Amparo” Professor with 25 years of experience in litigation. He is an advocate before the Public Ministry of Federal Jurisdiction (PGR, OFDI, AFI, PFP), Ombudsman to the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction (PGJ) and advocate with Criminal Judges, Magistrates and Criminal Injunctions.

 Dr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez B.

 Es abogado yucateco, especialista en Derecho Penal y ha contribuido con The Yucatan Times en temas relacionados a política y reformas de ley. Está certificado por el Tribunal Superior de Justicia, es catedrático de las materias” Derecho Penal y Amparo” con 25 Años de experiencia en litigio. Es defensor ante el Ministerio Público del Fuero Federal (PGR, SIEDO, AFI, PFP), Defensor ante el Ministerio Público del Fuero Común (PGJ)y defensor ante Jueces Penales, Magistrados Penales y Amparos.



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