Acivist Priest Alejandro Solalinde says the 43 missing students were Burned Alive

Padre Alejandro Solalinde (Photo Wikipedia)

Alejandro Solalinde Guerra is a Mexican Catholic priest, human rights activist and director of “Hermanos en el Camino” (Brothers on the Road), a shelter that provides Central American migrants with food, shelter, medical and psychological attention, education, legal and humanitarian aid in Ciudad Ixtepec, in the Mexican Eastern State of Oaxaca.


He was expelled from the Carmelites due to ideology issues and went to the Ecclesiastic Studies Institute of Higher Learning to study philosophy and theology, but, being unsatisfied with the priestly education and with three years remaining before ordination, he left the seminary with fifteen other seminarians and formed a group called the Regional Council of Seminarians. He was ultimately ordained by Monsignor Arturo Vélez, bishop of Toluca. Solalinde has received bachelor’s degrees in history and psychology from the Autonomous University of Mexico State, as well as a Master’s degree in Systemic Family Therapy.

Padre Alejandro Solalinde (Photo Wikipedia)
Padre Alejandro Solalinde (Photo Wikipedia)

He has been awarded with numerous prizes and distinctions, such as the 2011 “Emilio Krieger” Medal, awarded by the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (ANAD in Spanish), as well as the Peace and Democracy human rights award, the Pagés Llergo Prize for Democracy and Human Rights, and the “Lion Heart” acknowledgement from the University of Guadalajara Federation of University Students (FEU).


Solalinde left Mexico in May of 2012 due to a series of threats targeting his humanitarian work.


After two months of exile, he returned to Oaxaca where he recommended that the PRI politicians undertake an act of contrition for the errors made and the abuses committed during their 71-year rule of the country, and asked president Enrique Peña Nieto to take the path of democracy
In a radio interview, Reverend Alejandro Solalinde declared that the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa Teachers College were burned alive.

Solalinde said in a radio interview with Radio Fórmula, that witnesses told him the students were placed on a wooden pyre and set on fire as they were still alive.


The government knows this right from the beginning, they just don’t want to admit it” Solalinde said. He added that specialists have not been allowed to work freely so that this truth does not come to light.

Reverend Solalinde will give testimony on the case today accompanied by his lawyer. (Photo:

Mexico’s General Attorney’s Office (PGR) summoned him to give testimony on the case today, Monday October 20th, 2014,  around 14:00 hrs. He will be accompanied by his lawyer.

The reverend explained that he does not know where the remains are. The students are missing since September 26, when a violent clash in Iguala with security forces infiltrated by the Guerreros Unidos criminal gang left six dead.





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