A “Thank You” to Mérida, Yucatán

At home in the States, I find myself daydreaming of the second chance, second wind, or my second home. The embrace of feeling at home, at ease, and free to move about as you please is something so many of us spend a lifetime searching for. There is nothing that sings to us more than the embrace of the smell, sights, tastes and sounds of our version of home. 


There is saying that home is where the heart is. Pieces of our heart are poured out to various loved ones along our life’s journey, capturing a moment, a reason or a season. Our heart is what pumps the life into our veins and steers us to unknown waters and tests our strength and our courage. In order to be loved, we must give love, and we must receive love. 


As I sit in my hotel room in Merida, Mexico, I realize how free I feel at this very moment, as if I were a bird floating through the air with an ease and grace, letting go of the unknown and allowing the gift of breath to open my heart to what lies ahead.  Office pressures of emails, phone calls, to-do lists and more have taken a back seat for the past week so I could be at one with myself and with the lovely city of Merida.


My week in Merida has been filled with romance, conversation, possibilities and of course Roses & Chocolate, all things that speak to my soul. From dinners to dancing, and culture to archeology, and a little shopping and spa in between, I have fallen to a deeper level of respect and admiration for a city that everyone should have on their bucket list to visit at least once in their lifetime. 


I am not ready to board a plane tomorrow to fly to home to North Carolina. Although my time in Merida was short, I got my second wind. The short embrace filled me with inspiration to continue to follow my dreams, my heart, and my opportunities. 


Tonight, I propose a toast to my Merida friends – “Cheers! To passion, to love, to life, and to experiences that change us forever. Thank you for welcoming me and showing me that quality of life, family, and opportunity is abundant in this world. May peace be with you and may you always dream bigger.”


By Mandy Berger

Mandy Berger is the President of The Buzz, a social marketing firm located in Asheville, North Carolina, specializing in public relations, social media, content and digital marketing, event planning, and strategic development.
Her creativity and passion for travel and writing, has provided her the opportunity to work with corporations and professionals across the nation and globally, including the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games where she ran the Olympic torch.
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