Twerking in concert with a Mexican flag may result in fine for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is in trouble for desecrating the Mexican flag during a concert (Photo:

Another day, another Miley Cyrus controversy, But the dial-an-uproar young singer’s latest brouhaha has the added allure of coming from south of the border.

On Tuesday September 9th, during her concert in Monterrey, Mexico, as part of the “Bangerz” tour, the ever-demure former Disney TV star engaged in a lively bit of rump-shaking twerking, while wearing a prosthetic bottom.

Her faux behind is not, however, the source of the controversy. Rather, it was her decision to use a Mexican flag — which was applied to her simulated derriere by one of her male dancers — as she twerked.

Surprisingly, her antics did not sit well with some Mexican authorities, at least one of whom wants Cyrus, 21, fined and possibly jailed for desecrating the flag. The fact that this twerk-with-the-flag routine occurred on Mexican Independence Day may have added fuel to the ire of some people. Ditto video of the incident being posted on YouTube.

People like Monterrey lawmaker Francisco Trevino, who told reporters that the Nuevo Leon state legislature had approved a warrant for Mexico’s Interior Ministry to probe the incident hold Cyrus liable for her actions. Mexico’s constitution specifically protects “national emblems, the flag and the national anthem.”

According to Trevino, Cyrus or unidentified members of her entourage could be fined up to the equivalent of around $1,200 or detained for 36 hours.

Cyrus next scheduled tour stop is Friday in Mexico City. The singer, a self-avowed pot head who recently opined that social media is worse than drugs, has yet to weigh in on her Mexican flag controversy.

Miley Cyrus is in trouble for desecrating the Mexican flag during a concert (Photo:
Miley Cyrus is in trouble for desecrating the Mexican flag during a concert (Photo:

But in a January teleconference with U-T San Diego and other media outlets, she said: “I know, sometimes, people like to make it seem like I’m one thing and that all I know how to do is shock people, and that that’s my only thing, and it isn’t.

“What girls see… is there’s an energy, a feminist energy there. I’m excited for people if they want to express their freedom and can relate to my music. Because of that, I think that’s why a lot of fans are close to me, (so) that they can cheer me on. I hope they take it to the next level. (What I do) it’s not to be different, (or) to prove a point. It’s being different because you can be, and not going out there to be considered different, or right or wrong. It’s doing what makes you feel good and that’s good for girls.”




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