‘The Moles’: A group that have saved many lives while risking their own

Photo: Eduardo Acevedo, on a mission with Los Topos. (Credit: Associated Press)

When the most destructive earthquake in Mexico’s history struck Mexico City on September 19th, 1985, exactly 29 years ago, the Mexican authorities were simply overwhelmed.

Thousands were trapped under the rubble with little prospect of surviving. But a group of heroic individuals took it upon themselves to burrow under the collapsed buildings to find survivors and bring them out.

Eduardo Acevedo was one of those who went to the aid of others. Quickly dubbed Los Topos, or ‘The Moles’, this group saved many lives while risking their own.

The elite team now travel across the world to help with rescue attempts in disaster hit areas.


Seven members of “Los Topos” Mexico’s international brigade for search and rescue, traveled to Japan to help in rescue efforts after the 2011 Tsunami, which generated the worst disaster Japan has ever experienced, after the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
The team, that was created after Mexico s 1985 earthquake as we already said, has helped in rescue efforts in more than 20 countries, the most recent being Haiti, Chile and New Zealand.


Back then, Héctor Mendez, head of the “Topos” team declared: “We go to show solidarity on behalf of the Mexican people to the people of Japan because if we remember correctly back in 1985 the Japanese came here to help and the people of Mexico have a very good memory“.


The 1985 Mexico City earthquake devastated the centre of Mexico City, killing at least 10,000 people.

With the emergency services struggling to cope with such a tragic situation, this small group of Mexican civilians began to dig out survivors themselves.

A few days later, these men nicknamed themselves as Los Topos, or ‘The Moles’, they are now an elite rescue group who travel the world freeing people trapped in rubble. On the image, Eduardo Acevedo, one of the first members of Los Topos. 

Photo: Eduardo Acevedo, on a mission with Los Topos. (Credit: Associated Press)
Photo: Eduardo Acevedo, on a mission with Los Topos. (Credit: Associated Press)






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