Nine nations reaffirmed their bond with Mexico

Peña Nieto greets new ambassadors (Photo:

President Enrique Peña Nieto received new ambassadors from nine nations who recognized Mexico as a primary country for investment in energy and telecommunications.

The ambassadors reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen relations with Mexico.

The Protocol Director Miguel Malfavon Andrade individually presented the new diplomats to Peña Nieto.

The diplomats from Algeria, Chile, Germany, Kingdom of Denmark, France, Paraguay, Panama, Costa Rica and the concurrent ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, personally delivered their credentials to Peña Nieto.

Later, in a separate press conference, German Ambassador Viktor Elbling spoke in favor of the Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union.

“For Germany, it is very important to renew the agreement,” said Elbling while maintaining Germany’s interest in deepening bilateral relations with Mexico.

Elbling said 3,000 German companies operate in Mexico with an investment of $25 billion.

Peña Nieto greets new ambassadors (Photo:
Peña Nieto greets new ambassadors (Photo:

Meanwhile, Chile Ambassador Ricardo Núñez Muñoz recognized their close relationship under the Pacific Alliance.

The historical relations between Chile and Mexico were reaffirmed at the meeting, and Peña Nieto offered Chile support in the attack suffered in Viña del Mar.

“Chile has been offered Mexico’s full support in relation to the recent attacks in Viña del Mar,” said Núñez.

“This issue is also important, and with Mexico’s support we can learn quickly who or what group or political sector is behind these attacks.”

In March 2015 Chile President Michelle Bachelet will visit Mexico, said Núñez.

Meanwhile, Kingdom of Denmark Ambassador Henryk Bramsen complimented the good relationship that exists between the two countries.

Various companies are interested in investing in Mexico’s oil industry, specifically in the service and support sectors, said Bramson.

In turn, French Republic Ambassador Maryse Bossiere greeted Peña Nieto on behalf of President François Hollande, who during his visit to Mexico had signed 42 agreements, many of which are now implemented.

France is already preparing for Peña Nieto’s visit in July 2015 as world-leading French oil and electricity companies are very interested in working in Mexico, said Bossiere.