Mexico is becoming a Prosperous Nation with a better Quality of Life for Families: Peña Nieto

Mexico’s Transformational Reforms in Energy, Telecom, Tax, Labor, Education and Transparency will take the nation to the next level.

According to PRI’s political propaganda, the transformational reforms that have been passed in Mexico are a result of its inclusive political process and all the people pulling together. Since December 2013, President Peña Nieto has pushed relentlessly for the structural reforms that Mexico needs.

Mexico has everything needed to be a prosperous nation with a better quality of life for every Mexican family.

Mexico has a stable and competitive economy that is open to the world and will improve the finances of all Mexican families.

Mexico has a mature democracy that allows the population to come to agreement, but the most valuable thing Mexico has is its people.

Women and men, working every day and making great efforts to build a better future.

The Mexican people have a clear direction, and the energy and determination to move and transform Mexico. This is why the world has its eyes on Mexico today and why Mexico is generating such great expectations.

What follows in this process is to put the reforms into action and the law into effect and translate the changes made to the constitution and the law into real benefits for everyone.

To put the reforms into action is to improve the quality of life of the Mexican people – it is building together a new Mexico.


Source: Gobierno de la República (You Tube)



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