Mexican Navy Rescues 15 Cubans Adrift Deep in Gulf

Cuban makeshift boat (Photo:

On Sunday August 31st, the Mexican Navy announced it has rescued 13 badly dehydrated Cubans who were drifting in a makeshift boat far offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

One of those taken from the boat died while being taken for treatment. Another one of the 15 on the boat was found dead on the craft.

The Navy said it rescued the Cubans at a point about 133 miles (246 kilometers) north of Puerto Progreso, Yucatan.

A fishing boat had sighted the homemade craft, which Navy personnel said appeared to have been made partly of wood.

Cuban makeshift boat (Photo:
Cuban makeshift boat (Photo:

Most of the remaining Cubans were taken for treatment to Puerto Progreso, Yucatan. Two women were taken to another hospital for treatment of more serious problems.

The names of the 15 survivors are: Ada Mariz Pardo, Yaima Pantoja Maldonado, Maylan Pérez Aguilar, Yuzleidi Galardi Matamoros, Einis Pérez Vega, Jazmín López Chávez, Lilí Moreno López. Los varones Yanui Michael Lao Jiménez, Andrés Fernández de la Paz, Pedro Jesús Areu, Marco Antonio Siol Ruiz, Manuel Leonardo San Miguel Salgado, Alain Armando Izquierdo Barrios, Jordano Montero Antúnez y Luis Mario Juárez Calzada.

Mexico usually repatriates Cubans picked up at sea.

Navy Admiral Roberto Gonzalez Lopez (Photo:
Navy Admiral Roberto Gonzalez Lopez (Photo:




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