Full Support and High Expectations for High Speed Trains in Mexico

The Mexico-Querétaro High Speed Rail (HSR) government project is a wonderful opportunity to consolidate the construction industry and ensure its sustainability, said the Construction and Residence Stimulus Center (Chiac) Expo award coordinator Ricardo Lerín Rueda.

The Mexico-Querétaro high speed rail will impact the region and trigger employment, said construction sector representative Maurilio Zertuche García.

“This is a regional impact project because it connects Mexico City to the emblematic midwest city Querétaro, and there is a large influx of travelers from the southeast to the north,” said Zertuche.


This train will be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable because it will use environmentally friendly technology, said Zertuche.

“In Mexico and in the world, there are engineers and architects that can take advantage of the best environmental technology, and in the case of the fast train this technology is of great environmental, social and economic value,” said Zertuche.

Querétaro is ranked ninth in terms of growth in the construction sector, and with this project this sector will undergo significant recovery, said Zertuche.

There is full support and high expectations for HST, said Mexican Construction Chamber (CMIC) Secretary Gustavo Arballo.

At the CMIC Region Center Country Meeting, Arballo said the fast train will result in great benefits not only for Querétaro but for all Mexico.

“The CMIC fully supports this project, and we are confident it will benefit everyone,” said Arballo.

High Speed Rail Main

The national construction sector is making technical and economical alliances with experienced local, national and international companies, said Arballo.

The CMIC expects the approved structural and secondary reforms will promote

more energy, communications and hydraulic sector investment, said Arballo.


The construction sector is expected to close 2014 with a growth of at least 2 percent, and with higher tax revenues expected in 2015, the construction sector is expected to continue growing, said Arballo.

“In the last quarter of 2014, the construction sector generated 107,000 new jobs in Social Security, and currently we generate 400 million direct jobs in the construction sector,” said Arballo

“We are constantly creating jobs and there has been a significant recovery.”


Source: http://www.thenews.com.mx/



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