Yucatecan “Ghost Rider” haunts Yobaín

Yobaín pantheon

Neighbors of Yobaín assure they can hear the motorcycle of a man known as “Chubis” in the cemetery where he was buried.

Yobaín is a pueblo known for its paranormal activity, or so they say. The people of this small community have told the story of a man who lived there about a decade ago. This man was known for his job as a “cobratorio”, this means that he would go around town charging people money on behalf of a company or service. He lived in Yobaín for the most part of his life, and moved away to Motul once he was married.

Once a week he would ride his motorcycle from Motul to his hometown to charge people for their purchase of furniture, home equipment, or any other kind of household or electronic items.

Yobaín pantheon
Yobaín pantheon

A week later, a new man came around to charge and the men and women of Yobaín were confused by his appearance, but paid him anyway. One woman was surprised by his presence and asked about the man that would visit her home every Monday morning and also excusing herself for not paying the day before. The young man was not sure about what this woman was saying, as it was his first day on the job. He explained the situation to the woman, and to his surprise, she was not expecting the news. Mr. “Chubis” had been dead since Sunday in the early morning, and the woman had seen him thru her bathroom window on Monday morning and shouted for him to wait until she got out of the shower, but he had left.

Not only has it been said by neighbors, but also family members have seen this man wondering around the pantheon where his family had him buried.

If it is a fact or it is fake, I will leave up to you to decide. Just remember if you ever visit Yobaín, that the motorcycle man is always around.

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