TOESTO Freshly Roasted Coffee
Jose Luis Piña May had a dream — to make it possible for coffee lovers in Merida to enjoy a freshly roasted cup of coffee every morning.
Now this in itself is quite a tall order, considering that the coffee we drink any given day at Starbucks, Italian Coffee, Punta del Cielo, Sanborn’s or any other major coffee shop in the city is far from being freshly roasted that very same day.  But Jose Luis also thought about promoting the best coffee beans of the different regions in Mexico, and combining the two dreams, he created TOESTO “The Freshly Roasted Coffee Company”.
TOESTO’s mission is to provide customers with the best fresh coffee experience, in the most authentic way possible, with all the features recommended for proper packaging and preservation. 
TOESTO Freshly Roasted Coffee
TOESTO Freshly Roasted Coffee
Ever since he was a young child, Jose Luis Piña May used to go on vacation every year with his family to the state of Veracruz, specifically the town of Ixhuatlán, better known as “Ixhuatlán del Café” because of the high quality coffee beans in that region.  Years later, when Jose Luis obtained his Masters degree in Marketing, he decided to go back to Ixhuatlán and propose to the coffee producers that they send their product to Merida, for all coffee lovers to enjoy. And so he started bringing those marvelous raw coffee beans to the Yucatan.  The aroma of fresh-roasted, gourmet coffee beans is what drives Jose Luis to go out there and live his dream!
José Luis Piña May
One day, Jose Luis went to Mérida City Hall to make a payment, and saw a poster for the MICROMER Credit Financing Program, inviting entrepreneurs to submit their business plans to obtain financial aid from the Municipal Government.  Micromer Credit Financing is granted by the City of Merida, aiming to support “microentrepreneurs” to boost their business. This loan can be used to cover remodeling, construction, acquisition of machinery, tools and supplies for the processing, marketing, distribution or supply of any products or services.
TOESTO Selected Coffee Beans
TOESTO Selected Coffee Beans (raw, green, roasted and extra roasted)
The Municipal Government delivers a check to the successful applicants by the amount of credit authorized, up to $50,000 pesos (approximately $4,000 USD).
Jose Luis visited the MICROMER Website (, where he found a list of the documents needed for applying for the credit. He delivered the required documentation along with the information regarding his project, and one month later, he received the amount of $50,000 pesos as financial aid from the City of Merida. He used this money to acquire equipment and supplies, and is currently repaying the loan by monthly payments over two years.
1 kilo, Half, Quarter and 100 gram presentations
1 kilo, Half, Quarter and 100 gram presentations
TOESTO went on to become the official supplier of freshly roasted coffee to a number of restaurants, hotels and cafeterias in Merida.  Jose Luis’ next goal is to target the end user with four different packages:  One kilo, Half a kilo, Quarter of a kilo, and 100 grams.  TOESTO also offers four different varieties:
  • Decaf: Naturally processed decaffeinated coffee
  • Organic: Certified 100% organic coffee (absolutely no chemical process used)
  • Specialty coffee: High end coffee
  • Brand Coffee: Coffee from Ixhuatlán, Veracruz
Home Delivery
TOESTO is innovating with a home delivery service within Merida:  Just contact them one day in advance and place your order.  The following morning your coffee will be delivered to your home freshly roasted!  No other company, coffee shop or restaurant has that kind service in Merida.  (One kilo minimum for home delivery).
 Calle 74 No. 393 (x 41 & 43), Centro, Mérida, Yuc.
 Contact Information
 Phone.- 920 01 77
 Whatsapp- 99 92 55 90 60
Give José Luis a call today and order your Fresh Roasted Coffee Kilo,  have a taste of this premium quality product and judge for yourself.
You can also buy TOESTO’s 100 gram package at “Casa de las Artesanías”
Calle 63, (x 64 y 66),Centro, 97000 Mérida, Yucatán
Ph.- (999) 928 6676
Coffee anyone?



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