Progreso is included in the many places that have been warned about the spread of Ebola.


Because of  import-export, Progreso connects with many countries and continents including Africa.

The National Comittee of epidemiological awareness (Conave) of the Federal Health Department has warned many Mexican harbors, including Progreso.

The alert was given last Tuesday after the international warning emited after reported outbreaks in African countries such as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, which connect with outside countries by sea.

The Federal Health Department said through the General Coordination of International Health and Health Services of Yucatán (Coordinación General de Sanidad Internacional de los Servicios de Salud de Yucatán that this alert is not only for Progreso, but for any airports, touristic areas and border areas of all Mexico.

The warning includes Progreso because of tripulants that may be aboard and have been in contact with this virus and could be possible threats for other peoples health.

This alert is part of the protocol of sanitary security that were also given to the Intergral Port Organization (API) of Progreso, custom agencies and consignatory organizations that operate in this area.

On Thursday, August 7th the API Progreso sent out the alert through the “Aviso Preventivo” emited by the Yucatan Health Services Department (SSY), signed by Dr. Guadalupe Noemí Arjona González, International Health General Coordinator.

Symptoms of this virus include; high fever, head ache, vomiting, body, throat and stomach ache, along with red eyes and diarrhea.

There is also a warning out for the Chikungunya virus, due to visitor arrivals to Mexico on for the XXII Central American and Caribbean Games to be held in Veracruz from November 14th to 30th.




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