New Lighting System for Merida Cathedral

Men at work in Merida Cathedral
In order to provide the Cathedral of Merida with the most stunning lighting system, a team of technical specialists are working on the maintenance
and/or replacement of about 200 lamps installed inside and outside the building complex.
A dozen engineers and employees of the “Construcciones Ducan” company have been checking the condition of the “smart” LED lamps to assure that the lighting system is operating at 100%, replacing lamps whenever necessary. 
One of the technicians, Paulo Balam, said that it will take the team the best part of a month to inspect and service the 60, 70 and 80 watts lamps installed in various parts of the building to guarantee optimal operation.
Men at work in Merida Cathedral
Men at work in Merida Cathedral
The effort is part of the overall improvements to the Cathedral of San Ildefonso announced last week, which will also include waterproofing the roof, repairing and maintaining the main structure, and renewal of sound equipment.
Balam said the goal is to maintain, repair and/or replace LED lamps, which, he said, are state of the art technology, allowing energy savings and variations in intensity.
“Each of the towers has 26 units, which is a challenge,” he said, who, like his colleagues, uses scaffolding and safety belts to reach the upper parts of the building, a height of 42 meters (approximately 120 feet).
A new lighting system was installed in the Cathedral and other churches of the Centro Historico during the last state administration, which included underground wiring on both upper and lower levels, an investment of 32 million pesos (2.3 million USD).



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