Mexico’s oldest man is 117, he fought alongside Emiliano Zapata in the Mexican Revolution

Don Chuy, 117, fought in the Mexican Revolution

They’re planning a big party in Quintana Roo in October when Mexico’s oldest man celebrates his 118th birthday.

Jesús Castillo Rangel, or Don Chuy, was born in 1896 in the Soconusco region in the state of Chiapas. Today, he lives in Nicolás Bravo, Quintana Roo, where he enjoys not only being mentally alert, but free from heart problems, diabetes or high cholesterol.

He also enjoys living in his home, for which he fought in the Mexican Revolution alongside Emiliano Zapata. Don Chuy recalls leaving the family home in 1910 to enlist with the revolutionary forces, where he fought with General Pimentel, traveling to many different parts of the country until they joined forces with Zapata.

Don Chuy, 117, fought in the Mexican Revolution
Don Chuy, 117, fought in the Mexican Revolution

“I fought for the redistribution of the land . . . I was in combat in order to have land and today, many years later, I’ve come to live here, in my house, where with the support of the authorities and my friends I feel content. I am well,” he said.

Don Chuy moved to Quintana Roo 25 years ago accompanied by his wife, with whom he had been married for 86 years. They had two sons, but Don Chuy doesn’t know where they are. His wife died two years ago.

The president of the DIF Quintana Roo visited Don Chuy this week to wish him an early happy birthday, after it was confirmed with federal authorities that he is indeed the oldest man in Mexico. Mariana Zorrilla promised there would be a big party to celebrate on October 24.




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