Mexican Intelligence Agency Monitors Social Networks’ Comments of all Internet Users

The Mexican intelligence agency known as Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional (Cisen) monitors the comments of internet users, whether they have thousands of followers or just a handful.

If you believe that the government monitors your comments on social networks, you are right; if not, you better start to believe it.

The Mexican intelligence agency known as Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional (Cisen) monitors the comments of internet users, whether they have thousands of followers or just a handful.

The information presented next is result of a transparency request submitted to the Cisen by this newspaper. It includes information about the last two weeks of February, during which self-defense forces were a hot issue.

Beware, because Big Brother is indeed watching you
Beware, because Mexican Big Brother is indeed watching you

“On February 5, 2014, ‘Michoacán’ and ‘Knights Templar’ were trending topics on Twitter.” Along with this report, the Cisen transcribed some tweets from media, journalists and users.

One of them was posted by @OlmedoPato, who said: “Senator Iris Mendoza is not only portrayed in events with the ‘Templar Barbie’, but also organized a meeting of the Templars (her friends) at the Senate.”

Melissa Plancarte, better known as “La Barbie”, is a Mexican singer daughter of Enrique Plancarte, leader of the Knights Templar cartel. On his Twitter, OlmedoPato defines himself as a “Digital writer, Twitter user, SEO, with a leftist heart. For the Constitution to stop being a prostitute, the first thing is that you respect it”. He follows 15,000 users and he is followed by 20,000 users.

Another tweet transcribed by the Cisen was posted by @danmontielh: “Knowing the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the 45 billion pesos for Michoacán will show up in 2018 to buy votes.” In his profile, the user wrote: “Making good journalism is giving voice to people who throughout their lives have remained silent and trembling before injustice.” He has typed 156 tweets, follows 431 users and is followed by 70.

The report also quotes @Morf0, who describes himself as follows: “With exquisite defects. Author of “Blind Flowers” published by Endira. In the city you forgot.”

The transcribed tweet makes reference to the sister of former president Felipe Calderón: “@irismmendoza confirms that Calderón’s sister was in a meeting with the Templars, something that the sister of the murderer denied days ago.” @Morf0 785 has 20,785 followers, he follows 726 users and has sent 105,858 tweets.

In addition to transcribing tweets, the Cisen analyzes the opinions classifying them as “positive”, “negative” and “neutral”. Among the positive comments, it mentioned the support and resources that the federal government gave to Michoacán; among the neutral comments it included the statements made by Mireles while the negative comments criticize corruption and the alleged links between state authorities and the Knights Templar cartel.

According to the report “Michoacán had 3,109 mentions: 10.2% of them positive, 70.8% neutral and 19% negative, while the Knights Templar had 669 mentions: 8.67% positive, 45.69% neutral and 45.64% negative”.

On February 9, 2014 @TuiteraMx wrote: “Self-defense forces take Ostula, Michoacán.” This person has 11,549 followers and she follows 10,344 users. In her profile, she has a quote attributed to writer Eduardo Galeano: “I wish we could be disobedient whenever we receive orders that humiliate our conscience or violate our common sense.”

The information posted on Facebook on self-defense forces and the groups that support them is also monitored by the Cisen. One of the reports dated February 1 says: “The administrator of the page ‘Valor por Michoacán SDR’ published an image of a protest in Munich, Germany, where a group of Mexicans is seen supporting self-defense forces.”

Another example was posted on February 5.

“The page ‘Clarín Rebelde de Apatzingán’ calls upon the leaders of self-defense movements of Michoacán to conduct an ‘urgent’ meeting to assess the progress achieved after signing the pact with the government,” according to the report of the intelligence agency.

On February 7 the Cisen wrote: “The page ‘Por una Ruana con Libertad’ posted a press release addressed to the members of the Self-Defense Forces Council of Michoacán, Hipólito Mora and Estanislao Beltran, accusing them of obeying the government and discrediting the statements made by Dr. José Manuel Mireles, who was dismissed as a spokesman of the self-defense forces”.

The report transcribed the following message posted at the site: “Have you thought that one more stupid decision, like the ones you have been taking, puts the life of Dr. Mireles at risk?”.

On February 9, the Cisen published a report on a new page called “Unidos por el Dr. José Manuel Mireles Valverde, that sought financial support for the then leader of self-defense forces.

“So far it has 773 likes and four publications, two of which provide data to send donations to Bancomer account No. 4152311040059684 in the name of José Manuel Mireles Valencia (son of Dr. Mireles),” the report said.

The transparency request presented by EL UNIVERSAL also revealed that the Cisen monitors blogs such as “Puro Narco” and “El Blog del Narco, Historias del Narco y Mundo Narco” and YouTube channels such as “Justicia para el pueblo”.