Governor Zapata Bello at the Metaplus Plant
Mérida, August 20 2014.- To encourage economic competitiveness in Yucatan, federal and state governments spent more than 85.7 million pesos to benefit 24 projects from 20 companies through the Yucatan Incentives Program Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the National Council of Science and Technology (Programa de Estímulos a la Investigación, Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación del Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología), in its 2014 edition.
By delivering the certificates to companies that will benefit from the program this year, Governor Rolando Zapata Bello underscored the fact that different branches of the economy are incorporating developments from local research and technology.
“While resources are available and growing, while the critical mass of scientists are prepared to look for answers, and while employers are willing to invest, the results will make a greater impact,” said the Governor, who was accompanied by the General Director of Conacyt, Enrique Cabrero Mendoza.
During the ceremony at the Metaplus SA de CV Plant, Cabrero Mendoza said the region has been enhanced by the participation of more businesses looking to improve the quality of their products and bring new items to market.
“This administration has shown a serious commitment by increasing public resources for projects that strengthen innovation and research. There is clearly a trend in the state of Yucatán towards a more knowledgeable society and an economy that makes that knowledge generate wealth, which in turn will solve political, financial and social problems in the shortest possible time,” he said.
Mendoza said that in 2012 only 18 projects were approved, totaling 49,993,717 pesos, and in 2013, 24 projects were approved with an investment of 65,811,777 pesos.
In 2014, 85,747,578 pesos are being invested in Science and Technology, 31.6 percent more than 2013, and 71.5 percent more than 2012.
Governor Zapata Bello at the Metaplus Plant
Governor Zapata Bello at the Metaplus Plant (Photo: Sipse)
The Minister of Economic Development, David Alpizar Carrillo, said that investments this year have reached historic levels, and it will be possible to revive the state economy with local firms that are betting on an exponential growth in production, research, and new technology.
“The Ministry of Economic Development will continue to make sure that the number of companies involved continues to grow, and that the resources generated continue being used to consolidate sectors such as health, engineering, agribusiness, biotechnology and renewable energy. In particular, projects that contribute to the benefit of the region and that result in social welfare,” said the official in the presence of the General Director of Bepensa Industrial, Alonso Fernández Echazarreta.
Some of the companies that have been taking advantage of these resources are:  Cefemex, Imagenología Dental del Sureste, Intensivo S.A. de C.V., Naika Group, Bajío Tecnología Industrial, Productividad Móvil, Energías Renovables del Sureste, Aspel de México, Industria de Inversión Tecnológica Acuícola, Inco Peninsular, Sureste Sustentable y Agroindustria Alternativa del Sureste.
Representing the different firms receiving economic support, the Business Manager of Metaplus, Daniel Urteaga Diaz thanked the Government for their work in support of entrepreneurs seeking knowledge and expertise, and being aware that competition is constantly increasing and evolving.