MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN – Mérida is a great place to visit or to live, but what are the best options for getting here? For those of us who live in the beautiful ‘White City’, what are the options when we fancy a change of scene?

Transportation options are continually changing, however following extensive research, we are pleased to present this directory of current air and ground options to and from Mérida.

Air Transport to and from Mérida´s Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport

Mérida is well served by a number of airlines offering domestic destinations, and currently 4 international destinations.

Mérida International Airport “Manuel Crescencio Rejón”


AeroMexicowww.aeromexico.com – Mexico’s largest airline, and the only one to offer intercontinental services.

Destinations served from Mérida:

  • Mexico City (multiple daily flights), offering connections to the airline’s large route network.
  • Miami (Sunday, Monday and Thursday; will also be on Saturday from November 8, 2014).
  • Villahermosa, Veracruz, Tampico and Monterrey (one or two flights daily, operated by Aeromar, stopping in all four cities).



Interjetwww.interjet.com – A major carrier in Mexico, founded in 2005, also offering some international services within the Americas. Offers greater seat pitch (space between rows) than other airlines. In this reporter’s opinion, Interjet provides the best quality service of any of the Mexican carriers.

Destinations served from Mérida:

Mexico City (multiple daily flights), offering connections to the airline’s large route network.



Volariswww.volaris.com – Currently Mexico’s 2nd largest airline, founded in 2005, offers domestic flights and 15 destinations in the USA.

Destinations served from Mérida:

  • Mexico City (2 daily flights), offering connections to the airline’s route network.
  • Guadalajara (Saturday and Wednesday).
  • Monterrey (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
  • Tijuana (Thursday, starting on November 6, 2014).



Magnicharterswww.magnicharters.com – small airline offering leisure / vacation flights as well as package deals.

Destinations served from Mérida:

Mexico City (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).



VivaAerobuswww.vivaaerobus.com – Low cost airline offering budget flights within Mexico and to several destinations in the USA.

Destinations served from Mérida:

  • Guadalajara (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday).
  • Monterrey (Daily except Tuesday).



MAYAir www.mayair.com.mx – Regional airline based in Cancun, also offering ‘air shuttle’ service between Cancun and Cozumel.

Destinations served from Mérida:

  • Cancun and Cozumel (One daily flight to both destinations).
  • Villahermosa and Veracruz (One daily flight to both destinations).
Mayair Aircraft


United Airlineswww.united.com

Destinations served from Mérida:

Houston (Sunday, Wednesday and Friday), offering connections to the airline’s worldwide network.



Tropic Airwww.tropicair.com – Regional airline based in Belize.

Destinations served from Mérida:

Belize City (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) with connections to domestic destinations in Belize (such as Ambergris Caye), San Pedro Sula, Roatan, and Guatemala.

Tropic Air


Aerocaribbeanwww.fly-aerocaribbean.com – Cuban regional airline based in Havana.

Destinations served from Mérida:

Havana (Sunday only).



Bus Transport to and from Mérida´s Various Bus Stations

Mérida has direct 1st Class bus services to many destinations in the region; travel to Mexico City and beyond is also available for anyone with the stamina to spend 24 hours or longer on a bus.

The main bus station is CAME, located on Calle 70 between 69 and 71. From here, Grupo ADO www.ado.com.mx – offers services to destinations including Cancun, Campeche, Villahermosa, Playa del Carmen, Chetumal, and all the way to Mexico City.

The Fiesta Americana station, on Calle 60 at Avenida Colon, offers ADO services to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and direct services to Cancun Airport. Many of the buses from here also stop at the small terminal in Altabrisa.

ADO Platino

Grupo ADO offers three types of service – ADO (1st class, comfortable air conditioned buses, with toilet, onboard movies (in Spanish) and reclining seats. ADO GL (1st class, comfortable air conditioned buses, slightly more space between rows, 2 toilets, and onboard movies with headphones for sound (handy if you DON’T want to be subjected to the movie soundtrack!) ADO PLATINO (Luxury, comfortable air conditioned buses, seats with deep recline which connect with footrests, plenty of space between rows,  2 toilets, individual entertainment screens featuring a menu of movies, music and other programming.)

The 2nd class bus station on Calle 69 between 68 and 70 offers services within the peninsula and to many smaller towns not served by ADO. The buses are stopping services, therefore much slower than the 1st class buses, and a seat is not guaranteed.


The Noreste station on Calle 67 between 50 and 52 also offers 2nd class services within the peninsula, primarily to destinations in the northeast of the state of Yucatán, such as Tizimín and the surrounding area.  The buses are stopping services, therefore much slower than the 1st class buses, and a seat is not guaranteed.


Air Transport to and from Cancun International Airport

An alternative way to get to / from Mérida is to use the international airport in Cancun, and then take the ADO bus service either directly to/from the airport or via Cancun centro.

Cancun offers a vast choice of flights to many destinations across the USA, Canada, Central and South America and Europe.

Information presented here was correct at the time of publication, in August 2014.

By Stewart Mandy

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Stewart Mandy

Stewart Mandy
Stewart Mandy


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