Foreigners Detained in Tulum by INM for not Carrying Documentation

More than 20 foreginers were detained in Tulum

On Saturday August 23rd, more than 20 foreigners of different nationalities were detained in Tulum, Quintana Roo by agents from the National Migration Institute (INM) for not having their proper immigration documents with them.

It was around noon when agents of the INM and the municipality of Playa del Carmen, supported by the federal and the municipal police arrived aboard several vehicles and set up a checkpoint on the stretch of highway known as the “T”, near the Tulum Toursitic Zone.

INM agents were asking for immigration documents to all foreigners circulating by the site, whether riding motorcycles, bicycles
or automobiles, in order to prove their legal status in the country.

INM Delegate in Playa del Carmen, Joaquin Vega declared that every foreigner needs to carry documentation to prove they are legally present, and if people don’t want to carry their papers around, at least they must carry a photocopy of them. Either it is a passport photo page, INM document, or Permanent Resident card.

More than 20 foreginers were detained in Tulum
More than 20 foreginers were detained in Tulum (Photo: Por Esto)

The INM is doing periodical raids, (last June, they raided bars and clubs in Tulum), but now they are focusing especially on businesses. The recent reforms and new laws have made it harder for foreigners to get permission to work legally in Mexico, and so there might be a greater number of people working illegally now in different parts of the State of Quintana Roo (especially people from far away countries for whom it is impractical to fly home to the Consulate, like Russians, for example).

If a report is filed turning in a business or a person, INM will follow it up, and will investigate if there are any foreigners working there without permission.




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