A dead body was found last night outside of a night club in Playa del Carmen.

Sources state that a call was made to 066 (emergency number) at 11:40 pm last night, from the outside of a club. Apparently, a person that was around the area found a young man´s decomposing body in the club surroundings  underneath a tree.

The body is still being identified and remains a John Doe until this moment, the place where it was found appears to be of easy access from the highway, 150 meters away.

The only thing declared by forensics is that the body has been there for several days, based on the decomposition. At the time of his death, the young man wore a button up purple striped shirt, jeans, and white sneakers.

Forensics also found a bloody rock near the crime scene, but there is no further evidence.

Paramedics transport the body out of the crime scene (Picture: Sipse.com)