Construction Industry in Yucatán:  Four Consecutive Months Growth

Construction workers in Mérida, Yuc. (Photo: Pedro Mentado | UN1ÓN )
Last May, the production value of construction companies in Yucatan grew by 933 million pesos (74.6 million USD), an improvement of 17.02% in total annual rate.
The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) estimates that the advance in the value of production is the fourth consecutive rise in the construction sector this year. 
The dynamic expansion of the Yucatecan construction industry contrasts with the national average, which still has not overcome the recessionary slump.  According to INEGI, the production value of the construction industry for the rest of the country reported a drop of 2.9% during the same period. 
grafica yuca construccion may14
Source: INEGI
The state’s participation at the national level for this year represents a contribution of 1.7 percent, compared to the 1.5 percent contribution reported in July 2013.
Analyzed by industry, the state’s share is as follows: Electricity and communications (3.3 percent); Water, irrigation and sanitation (2.3 percent); Construction (2.1 percent); Other (1.9 percent) and transportation (1.1 percent). 
The positive performance in the construction industry is also reflected in job growth, with 18,261 workers registered at the end of May 2014, 1,900 more jobs than May last year, and 2,330 more than December, 2013.
Construction workers in Mérida, Yuc. (Photo: Pedro Mentado | UN1ÓN )
Construction workers in Mérida, Yuc. (Photo: Pedro Mentado | UN1ÓN )




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