Amazingly brave woman saves injured dog on a Mexican Highway

If the news have you feeling down about the human species, this video might help.

Watch an amazingly brave woman save an injured dog on a Mexican highway (this video may help restore your faith in humanity).

People are killing each other around the world. It’s hard to imagine that humans have even an ounce of goodness left in them. And then this gentle hero of a person comes along and crosses a four-lane high speed highway in Mexico City to rescue a dog that’s been hit by a car.

What a video. It’s quiet, shot from the driver’s seat of a car. But the drama is insane.

The fuzzy fella is lying motionless along the median. (Oh no, is he dead?) The woman starts crossing. (Oh god, is this woman about to be killed by a speeding, thousand-pound death machine? Which subreddit did I find this video on?!) She makes it across.

(PHEW!) The pup pulls himself to his feet. (HE’S ALIVE!) But he’s badly hurt and terrified. He slinks away from the woman who seems nice but who has also just crossed a four-lane highway and might be insane. She gets low to the ground and coaxes him to her. You can see her asking for his trust and you can see him giving it to her.




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