Police officers (LONG BEACH, N.Y.)

LONG BEACH, N.Y. – April 22, 2014: This is a picture of police by the house at 568 Laurelton Blvd. Long Beach, N.Y. Long Beach Police received a phone call around 3 p.m. today that people were killed at 569 Laurelton Blvd in Long Beach. When police arrived with a swat team to find out it was a prank that is from a video game called “call of duty” and the loser if he knows your address plays “swatting” where he makes a prank call to your police department to earn extra points in the game. Raphael Castillo 17 y/o was the winner of the game and also a victim, he was cooperating with the investigators and his computer has been taken for investigation. No arrest was made. (Photo by Victor Alcorn) PHOTO CREDIT GOES TO VICTORALCORN.COM