Merida meeting shines spotlight on haciendas as tourism resource

MERIDA — About 90 of Mexico’s most prominent landowners — owners of historic haciendas from.

Yucatan landscapes and backdrops in demand for film and photography

Beaches, cenotes, archaeological zones and haciendas are among the most sought-after locations for photos and.

Yucatan is a fashionable destination for “romance” tourism

Many couples chose to travel to Yucatan to do their wedding proposals, ceremonies, parties and.


Representatives seek to reform the Penal Code, to apply severe sanctions to whoever orgaince dog fights in Yucatán

Clandestine dog fights are being carried out in many parts of Mexico, and Yucatán is not exception. A law initiative…

Mérida: your top destination for Plastic Surgery

For many years, México has been known for its cheap medical offer, but have you ever second-guessed about the quality…

Rorqual whale returns to Quintana Roo

The presence of a whale of the Rorqual species (Balaenoptera physalus) of almost eighteen meters in length and that was…

Bernardo Xiu Uc received a tribute for more than 20 years as a promoter of organic farming in Yucatán

The organic farming school of Maní, "U Yit's Ka'an" (which means "mist falling from the sky"), held a Maya ceremony…

How Politics Impact Tourism

Believe it or not, there is a huge connection between tourism and politics. Tourism is one of the biggest industries…