5 advantages of living in Mexico

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Optimizing the Foreign Tax Credit on expats’ U.S. tax returns

As the end of 2017 nears and many U.S. expats begin to prepare for the.

An expat’s list of the 7 worst things about living in Mexico

After publishing “Our Year on the Road & Living in Mexico– Adventures, Challenges, Triumphs, Lessons.


“Mayas y Piratas” Festival in Chetumal

The Bay of Chetumal will host the Mayas & Piratas Festival, with exhibition and competition of sailboats, paddle-surf, kayaking, windsurfing…

The current ESAY premises will be turned into the new University of the Arts

"The transformation of the Higher School of Arts of Yucatan (ESAY) in the University of the Arts will bring many…

Growth in tourism is expected in Valladolid during the summer holiday season

After carrying out various promotional activities, both in the tourist sites of the city and in the lodging centers, a…

TIME Magazine Powerful Cover: Welcome to America

It is of public knowledge, Donald Trump's obsession with being Time's 'Person of the Year'. On Friday, November 25 2017…

More employment opportunities in Yucatán

Yucatan registered a favorable 18% trend during the third quarter of the year, the highest among the states of Southeastern…