Fun Times

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Logo Fun Times 1 OKEdited by Nicholas Lavroff



Scribes of Merida



Logo Scribes of Merida 2

By Sylvia Saltwater

The Eagle Lands

Princess Rain on my Parade

Down the Rabbit Hole

Shootin’ from the hip

Feeling Lucky Cowboy?

My un-Valentine’s Day Day

Max’s 70 Birthday

The Gala Azul

Rosa’s Secret # 8

Pandora’s Box



TYT humor

Unfortunate Name Combinations  

Amazing Vintage products 

 Irish Jokes for St. Patrick’s Day

Lost in Yucatan


Logo Lost in Yucatan OK LOWCheap Bob

By Robert C. Walker

Cheap Bob came into Mérida on a boat from Tampa with his tail between his legs still navigating the dissolution of his marriage… (read more)

Click here for the “Carlito” story

Click here for the “Getting (and Staying) Online Story



Meet “Pakalito”, direct descendant of the Great Mayan Emperor “Pakal”, and The Yucatan Times new mascot.

Pakalito has traveled through the ages to impart the wisdom of the ancients on the problems of today!

Pakalito went to Hennessy’s Irish Pub to celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Pakalito went to Buckingham Palace where he met Queen Elizabeth 

Pakalito sent a message to actor Sean Penn after his “Green Card Joke” 

Pakalito explains the reason why singer Luis Miguel canceled his performance

Pakalito went to Merida’s Airport and expressed his opinion on “Air Connectivity”


This time Pakalito visits Calle 60 and sheds his ancient light upon us, when he sees the cracks on the “new pavement”

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    Typical gringo!

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