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  1. jorge moguel says:

    hi, goodd morning, im running a hotel in progreso, we offer music on wendsday (Jarybo) friday (Cici mcaan) and saturday (Maricarmen Perez) and want to make some publicity trough your website, please let me know the rates or costs

    tahk you

  2. Merida is a big city. Exactly where in Merida is the Slow Food Market held?

    • Yucatan Times says:

      Hello Eric: Slow Food Market is held every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm at Centro Comercial Colon
      Address: – On the corner of Avenida Reforma with Avenida Colon
      García Ginerés 97000 Mérida
      Ph.- 01 999 913 8674

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Eric. You have the exact address of the market (other comment,) so here is another version of the address. (Tip – The market is not exactly on Colon and Reforma, but if you look for the Colon/Reforma corner that includes CFE and a Cinema & then walk around that block – you will run right into the market.) Technically the market is on Reforma and Calle 33D, Colonia Garcia Gineres. Calle 33D is so small that no one uses it for directions. If you are coming from the main square, Plaza Grande in Centro, Reforma is Calle 72. Not sure if 72 goes all the way through from the center of town to Colonia Garcia Gineres. However, when it becomes Reforma, if you continue on Reforma and drive toward Colon/Avenida Cupules (North,) – go almost to the end of Reforma and exactly one block before you reach the end (end is Cupules,) there will be a small street to your left (Calle 33D.) That is the corner where the market begins. Get there before noon and bring your appetite, money and carrying bag. An aside – the restaurants there are excellent. Saturday is the only day the best Asian restaurant in town is open there – Younghee’s Kitchen (,) and Platos Rotos, an expat & local’s favorite. Younghee is Korean/Chinese food and Platos is traditional Mexican and not Yucatecan. Great food of all kinds!

  3. Hola, thank you for adding the Wholefood Market in Chelem, every Tuesday. The correct time is, starting at 10 am and ending at 2pm. Your adjustment to the above times is greatly appreciated!

  4. Ed says:

    Is there a Carnaval in Merida in 2017? If so, what are the dates?

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