Beware the recluse spider, a danger that comes with the rains in Yucatan

It hides under gas tanks, behind tables, cabinets or bookshelves…. It is a species that.

Deer-hunting ban revives species in Yucatan

MERIDA — Although in the state there are breeding centers to supply deer meat to.

Mexico, China and U.S join to combat illegal fishing to protect vaquita

Illegal fishing of this species is one of the causes of the extinction of the.

Ancient giant-sloth fossil confirmed in Yucatan cenote

The jungle of the Yucatán Peninsula is not typically known as a great place to.

Authorities secure more than 1,400 turtle eggs in Isla Mujeres

ISLA MUJERES, Q. Roo — During a joint operation carried out on eight beaches in.

New shark book, ‘Great White, Protector of the Oceans’, presented in Mexico

The Natural Protected Area (NPA), Isla Guadalupe Biosphere Reserve in Baja California, is the only.

100 baby sea turtles killed in traffic accident in Cancun

CANCÚN – On Tuesday August 2 at 6:45 pm, around 100 baby sea turtles were.


Magnificent Frigatebird, Fregata magnificent, Man O’ War bird, Rain-brother, Fragata Tijereta (Spanish), Chimay (Mayan)  .

Megalodon shark teeth found in Yucatán cenote

During the State Count of Cenotes and Caves, several fossils were found submerged at 25.

Cozumel croc seriously injures man swimming in pool

COZUMEL, Q. Roo — A beach hotel worker lost two fingers of one hand and.


Vegans make public demonstration in downtown Merida

On Saturday April 14, activists of Vegan Mérida, carreid out a public demonstration at "La Plaza Grande". This social group…

Valladolid highlights the wealth of Yucatan

The artisanal, cultural, gastronomic, architectural and natural wealth of Valladolid was present for the third consecutive year at the Tianguis…

Cuxtal Ecological Reserve: a place to spend a fantastic weekend with family and friends

The city of Mérida has a great number of attractions where people can spend "quality tme" with family and friends…

“I would like to see a safer Mexico”, Roberta Jacobson

"The bilateral relationship of Mexico and the United States goes beyond goverments, it is noy made by an embassador, nor…

La Plancha, a historical opportunity for “La Blanca Mérida”

Residents of the neighborhoods near to La Plancha in the Historic Center of Merida, gave life to a new civic…