INAH experts will demonstrate against Manzanero’s concert in Chichen Itza

In regard to the concert in honor of Yucatecan icon Armando Manzanero, that will take.

Aeromexico announced its new Monterrey-Merida direct route

Mérida, Yuc.- The airline Aeroméxico announced that its new Monterrey-Mérida direct route will begin operations.

Sotuta de Peón, “La Hacienda Viva”

According to the experts, in Yucatan there are currently more than a thousand haciendas, some.

Muna: the highest hill in Yucatan and must-see UFO destination

Muna, “place of soft or tender water,” is a small town with just over 11,000.

Child commits suicide after being scolded by his parents in Kanasin, Yucatán

A 12 year-old child committed suicide hanging himself from a hammock inside his house after.

Pre-Hispanic musical instruments still present in contemporary Yucatecan music

Author and Yucatan Today collaborator Violeta H. Cantarell, tells us about the musical sounds of.

Road Rules for Yucatan (a reminder)

The following rules for the Transit Law of the State of Yucatan have been effective.

New Feedplant inaugurated in Yucatan

In the first months of 2018 several industrial plants are opening in the Yucatan, such.

Yucatan’s Technology Cluster: building its own vibrant tech community

The Special Economic Zone of Yucatan is the only one of its kind in the.

Cenote-cleaning project continues in Yucatan during 2018

Mérida, Yucatán.- “The Cenote-cleaning program that seeks to rescue the natural resources of Yucatan, in charge.


Yucatecan honey, a symbol of flavor and quality

Yucatan is the main producer and exporter of honey in all of Mexico. This activity fulfills an important socio-economic function,…

Profepa rescues jaguar without fangs or paws in Central Mexico

The Federal Prosecutor for Environmental Protection (Profepa) secured a juvenile male Jaguar (Panthera onca) that was found inside in a…

The Impact of President Trump on Re-emerging Markets

With his plans to build a wall between Mexico and the USA, boost national infrastructure and ‘Make America Great Again’,…

Crime is prevented with education in Mérida, Yucatán

Municipal police will initiate a training course to prevent crime situations by educating children through the DARE program. Mario Arturo…

On his 82nd birthday, Pope Francis gives out 3,000 ice creams to Rome’s poor and homeless

According to The Local Italia,  Pope Francis marked his name day on Monday 23 by ordering thousands of ice creams…