Youtube shooter injures three people before killing herself

On Tuesday April 3, a woman armed with a 9-millimeter handgun entered the YouTube headquarters in San.

Gay couple from LA attacked with a firearm in Puerto Vallarta

Marc Lange and Carl Blea, a couple from Los Angeles who are vacationing in Jalisco,.

Criminals break into schools in Acapulco, steal and cut victims’ hair

On Tuesday March 20, four men broke into a secondary school in Acapulco Guerrero, and went.

Iowa family found dead in Tulum Hotel

The Creston Police Department told WHO-TV that four members of an Iowa family were missing in Mexico. .

Man threatens a woman with a knife in front of “La Ermita”

According to locals, on Thursday March 8, a man that was running on Calle 79.

At least 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica

Cambridge Analytica, the company at the centre of the Facebook data breach boasted of using honey traps,.

Yucatán; the state with the lowest number of high-impact crimes in Mexico

The National Public Security System released the “X-Ray” of crime in the country, and it.

Dr. Sandra Peniche was attacked in downtown

On Tuesday 13, Dr. Sandra Peniche Quintal, Yucatecan who is the current head of the.

American tourist claims he was attacked by a taxi driver in Playa del Carmen

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Quintana Roo.- Jason Enwere, a US citizen, said that he was assaulted.

Yucatán, the only state in Mexico where homicide numbers decrease

Against the national and international tendency on violent murders, the number of intentional homicides in.


Aztecs to take over Germany

The Linden Museum of the German city of Stuttgart, one of the most important ethnological museums in Europe, will showcase…

“Andares” a play about indigenous people, will be presented in Campeche

Andares, a play that presents the lives of three young indigenous people based on personal anecdotes, popular cosmogonies, diverse arts…

Number of tourists in Valladolid increases during the summer holidays

With the start of the summer holidays, the tourist flow starts to grow in Valladolid, especially national tourism. Visitors can…

In July, the Yucatan will witness the Sun in Zenith and proximity of Mars

From July 18 to 20 , two astronomic phenomena will be seen in Yucatan, the sun at the zenith, which…

López Obrador slashes his own salary and increases his popularity among the people of Mexico

Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Sunday July 15, that he plans to earn less than half of…