Yucatán; the state with the lowest number of high-impact crimes in Mexico

The National Public Security System released the “X-Ray” of crime in the country, and it.

Dr. Sandra Peniche was attacked in downtown

On Tuesday 13, Dr. Sandra Peniche Quintal, Yucatecan who is the current head of the.

American tourist claims he was attacked by a taxi driver in Playa del Carmen

PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Quintana Roo.- Jason Enwere, a US citizen, said that he was assaulted.

Yucatán, the only state in Mexico where homicide numbers decrease

Against the national and international tendency on violent murders, the number of intentional homicides in.

Murderer hiding in Kanasín, Yucatán gets arrested

“A person accused of killing five members of a family in Tultepec, State of Mexico,.

US issues travel alert in Mexico after explosives found on ferry

The US has issued a travel notice for Playa del Carmen after an explosion on.

Explosive device attached to the bottom of a Ferry off Cozumel found by local authorities

What appeared to be undetonated explosives were found on a ferry that runs between the.

High School teacher fires gun inside a classroom in Georgia

“A social studies teacher barricaded himself inside a classroom at a Georgia high school on.

American citizen arrested in Baja California had a warrant for drug smuggling

On Monday Feb. 25, in the northern State of Baja California, as part of the.

Ferry company suspended after Playa del Carmen explosion on Wednesday

According to Mexico News Daily, the operations of a ferry company associated with former Quintana.


Over two thousand dogs and cats have been vaccinated in Valladolid

With the installation of seven locations in Valladolid the National Week of Vaccination Canine and Feline Anti-rabies, applied 2,100 doses,…

Yucatecan pelicans and flamingos on the brink of becoming endangered species

"Pelicans and flamingos are some of the species that are in danger of extinction in Yucatan, because many of their…

Teacher Leaders Present an Innovative Blueprint for Relevant Learning in the Age of AI

What does the fourth industrial revolution and the extraordinary period of societal change mean for teachers and learning?  How can…

New technology used in Yucatán to find people lost at sea

As part of a third aspect of the Adhara inertial navigation system, researchers from the Science Technology Park of Yucatan…

“Pet uh” Civil Association aims to promote Peto, Yucatán

PETO.- In the coming weeks the legal procedures will be ready for the Civil Association "Pet uh"(crown of the moon…