Xtabentún, a Maya root spirit for exotic cocktail’s preparation

Experts and authors Carey Jones and John McCarthy came up with an outstanding piece for Food and.

Cochinita Power: Trendy Yucatecan fusion cuisine in Mexico City.

“Cochinita Power”, located on Altamirano #19, Colonia San Rafael in Mexico City, offers the customer the.

Mayan Lent “Haute Cuisine”

In Merida, when the Carnival comes to an end, the period of Lent begins, a.

Ready to treat your sweetheart for dinner on Valenitne’s? It can cost you up to 1,500 pesos!

MÉRIDA, Yucatán.- Prices for reservations for two in Mérida restaurants , on the eve of.

Chef David Cetina: What is it to be Yucatecan?

Chef David Cetina is a true international gastronomic ambassador of the “Land of Pheasant and.

What is the most popular food of Quintana Roo?

The Mexican state of Quintana Roo features a coastline that stretches from Cancun to Belize..

Chef Eduardo Pérez takes Mexican and Yucatecan cuisine all over the world

The Mexican cuisine has a very special place all over the world, thanks to the.

Tulum Vegan Fest seeks to generate awareness in heatlh and nutrition

International guests, enterpreneurs and participants share an ecological ideology and seek to generate awareness in.

La Mestiza, a Yucatecan food restaurant in Portland, OR that sets the score

The news last month that beloved Cully institution Angel Food & Fun is no more.

Mayan culinary culture is still alive in the XXI Century through ‘Dzotobichay’ or “Brazo de Reina”

“Although tamales come originally from other parts of our country, the “brazo de reina” (queen’s arm),.


Over two thousand dogs and cats have been vaccinated in Valladolid

With the installation of seven locations in Valladolid the National Week of Vaccination Canine and Feline Anti-rabies, applied 2,100 doses,…

Yucatecan pelicans and flamingos on the brink of becoming endangered species

"Pelicans and flamingos are some of the species that are in danger of extinction in Yucatan, because many of their…

Teacher Leaders Present an Innovative Blueprint for Relevant Learning in the Age of AI

What does the fourth industrial revolution and the extraordinary period of societal change mean for teachers and learning?  How can…

New technology used in Yucatán to find people lost at sea

As part of a third aspect of the Adhara inertial navigation system, researchers from the Science Technology Park of Yucatan…

“Pet uh” Civil Association aims to promote Peto, Yucatán

PETO.- In the coming weeks the legal procedures will be ready for the Civil Association "Pet uh"(crown of the moon…