July MEL Night Canceled

MEL Night for the month of July at the Mérida English Library has been canceled,.

Top 10 things you should know about NABCO Ghana

While NABCO is still a new initiative there are several questions that come up every.

Freaky Friday the 13th superstitions from around the globe

On the subject of luck, it is not Friday the 13th that is considered an unlucky day in Mexico but Tuesday.

Could Gastronomic Tourism be the future of Yucatan?

The Tourist Business Council (CETUR) of Yucatan, anticipated that during 2018 a work plan will.

This summer feel good, improve your health and quality of life

Many of us ask ourselves what activity we can carry out this summer to feel.

Visit the Museum of the City of Mérida

The Museum of the City of Mérida is one of the options to visit with.

New MID CityBeat website launches with Mexican pop star Aleks Syntek video interview

The Yucatan Time’s columnist Stephanie Carmon has just launched her new website www.midcitybeat.com which is.


BROWN BOOBY, Sula leucogaster, Bobo Café (Spanish) “NOT ALL OF THOSE WHO WANDER ARE LOST.”.

In costly operation, Bayer purchases Monsanto

The German pharmaceutical giant Bayer bought the American company Monsanto, for an estimated 63 billion.

Leones de Yucatán: 2018 Mexican Baseball League Champions!

Leones de Yucatan were proclaimed champions of the Mexican Baseball League (LMB) this Thursday June.


Aztecs to take over Germany

The Linden Museum of the German city of Stuttgart, one of the most important ethnological museums in Europe, will showcase…

“Andares” a play about indigenous people, will be presented in Campeche

Andares, a play that presents the lives of three young indigenous people based on personal anecdotes, popular cosmogonies, diverse arts…

Number of tourists in Valladolid increases during the summer holidays

With the start of the summer holidays, the tourist flow starts to grow in Valladolid, especially national tourism. Visitors can…

In July, the Yucatan will witness the Sun in Zenith and proximity of Mars

From July 18 to 20 , two astronomic phenomena will be seen in Yucatan, the sun at the zenith, which…

López Obrador slashes his own salary and increases his popularity among the people of Mexico

Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Sunday July 15, that he plans to earn less than half of…