Yellow Convent in the city of Izamal Mexico (Photo: Google, Travel Report)

Mexican movie producers record Izamal sites for a tourism project…

IZAMAL — In the “heart” of Izamal, the eyes of walkers, neighbors and onlookers focused on the workers of an audiovisual production company that arrived in October.

They are four friends whose company produces videos of beaches, archaeological sites and other emblematic places in the country.

Yellow Convent in the city of Izamal Mexico (Photo: Google, Travel Report)

“On October 27, we started filming in Yucatán,” said Josué Argáez Chay, one of the filmmakers. “We have been in the east, on the beaches of San Felipe, Rio Lagartos, Las Coloradas, downtown Merida, Paseo de Montejo and other places such as the Ochil cenote. We’re going to end up in San Pedro Mulix (Umán).”

“We are grateful to the director of Tourism here (Alex Córdoba Can) for all the facilities. We will be in several places of Izamal, since the city has attracted us a lot because of the yellow color of the buildings, its atrium and convent, besides it has other attractions, like its pyramids,” he said.

The activity prompted comments from an early hour in the city. Some said that a telenovela was filmed, others that it was for a video of a well-known brand, it was even said that an artist would record a Christmas video clip.




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