Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Merida’s urban-transport system a major challenge for government

Officials say the Merida Intelligent Transportation system could not be adopted by the City Council because the municipality does not manage this public service, as the responsibility is the State Government’s…

MERIDA — Public transport is the key to consolidate the city in its urban areas, said architect Fernando Alcocer Ávila, director of the urban and management consultancy firm “Urbanismo y Desarrollo”.

The speaker explained in his talk “Merida, a missed opportunity” the background of planning in Merida and its realization, focusing the attention of young people on the issues of urban mobility and public transport as a development tool.

The bad state of the buses is one of the many troubles that this service faces (Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

“Today there are no urban policies on municipal mass urban transport, and the municipal president has lost the opportunity to improve mobility, in order to create a road system that would allow efficient, economic and non-polluting transportation,” said Alcocer Ávila.

Among the actions that the municipal government did not accomplish is the peripheral circuit, a unique pass for users to be transported throughout the city in new “turibus” type vehicles, which would have access for wheelchairs with the aim of providing “universal accessibility”, in addition to placing stops at transfer points. None of this has happened yet.




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