Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

Outsiders aren’t welcome in the coasts of Yucatan

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Inhabitants of several fishing communities in Yucatan forbid access to their towns by non-Yucatecans….

RIO LAGARTOS — According to La Revista Peninsular, since Thursday August 3 the town of Rio Lagartos has joined with several other municipalities that are forbidding entrance to outsiders. This closing issue makes three municipalities that are closed to the entrance of outsiders to their lands. The other two towns involved in the dispute are San Felipe and Dzilam González.

The residents claim that the outsiders break the calm and peace in their towns and also create a horrible impact on the fishing industry, which is the principal economic activity in those places.

The complainers have already kicked out several outsiders that recently moved into the towns and asked others that have been living there a long time to prepare to leave.

At the same time the fishermen have organized to establish guards to protect their sea space for fishing from the outsider fishermen.

Local residents expulse outsiders in Rio Lagartos. (PHOTO: Yucatan Ahora)

In San Felipe the people have accused the outsiders of causing disturbances and attempting to rape some women.

Despite the attempt of negotiation between San Felipe’s Mayor Gabriel Marrufo Marfil and the inhabitants of the town, the people preferred to apply their own way of justice.

In fact the Yucatan Human Rights Commission has already warned the government and inhabitants of San Felipe to be careful on mistreating any person, no matter if it is outsider or not.

At Dzilam González the Commission has already done the same. But so far now there hasn’t been any declaration about the Rio Lagartos situation.




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  1. Susan Stewart says:

    Stop the sensationalism! The towns are against outside fishermen during the pepino del mar and pulpo seasons, NOT a general boycott.

    • Herbert says:

      True, the pepino del mar and pulpo harvesting are mafia style businesses, people get shot because of this and the police is ill prepared to counter these activities, it is not only dangerous for local people but for foreign people too, most of the people just want to live peacefully and don’t reject a foreigner.

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