Published On: Thu, May 4th, 2017

Three homicides in Playa del Carmen in less than 72 hours

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For the second consecutive day, execution victims’ bodies appeared on the outskirts of Playa del Carmen.

PLAYA DEL CARMEN — A young man who was tortured and executed by a rival organized-crime group disputing the control of Playa del Carmen has become murder victim number 12 of this year.

(Photo: Noticaribe)

(Photo: Noticaribe)

The body was found in a wooded area, used as an illegal dump, on the side of Loros Avenue at the junction of the Playa del Carmen-Tintal road, just off the base of the second overpass, with stabbings and blows to his head and neck. The victim’s hands and feet were bound and the body was apparently wrapped inside a bag, with a large piece of concrete on his head, according to initial reports from the scene.

The victim was a 25-year-old man, with straight black hair, shaved on the sides, and he was wearing a blue shirt and a black short with white strips. The body had about 14 stab wounds, 6 of the bigger ones were on the left side of the neck.

At 07:45 am on Tuesday May 2, a person reported to the emergency number 911 that on the intersection of Colosio and Loros avenue there was a corpse, so agents of the Preventive Municipal Police were sent to that address to confirm the report. Once it was confirmed the scene was closed to transit and access to people.

Subsequently state law enforcement personnel and elements from the Mexican Navy, who are supporting the work of combating organized crime, arrived at the scene.

In another homicide, on Monday May 1, also in the western zone of Playa del Carmen, a man was executed in one of the entrances of the colony Villas del Sol, after being kidnapped that same day.

And, on the night of Saturday April 29, two taxi drivers were shot in the access to Xcalacoco, between the Princess and Azul Fives hotels. One of the wounded victims died later.




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  1. Sb says:

    Are these locals or tourists? The taxi drivers I get are locals. But a little more detail if tourist would be nice. Scary to travel here on our upcoming trip not knowing more details. As the taxi incident is right where we will be staying.

  2. SC says:

    @SB… It’s not safe to travel there. 5 tourists were killed in January during a music festival. Random shootings at public places and kidnappings from hotels. My friend vacations there every year….not anymore. She isn’t going back. It’s really not safe and don’t let the resorts tell you otherwise.

    • Sb says:

      This will be our 3rd trip since August 2016. I am well traveled here. But unfortunately we did not buy ins to cancel this time. We will just stay at resort and hope for the best. And relocate our future vacations until they get it all under control. Bummer its such a great place.smh…

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