Published On: Mon, Mar 6th, 2017

Six killed in head-on crash between bus and car

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BUCTZOTZ, Yucatan — Six people died Sunday March 5 after their car crashed head-on with a bus from the Northeast line on the Mérida-Tizimín highway, between Buctzotz and Sucilá.

In a gold Dodge Attitude four adults and two minors were traveling to Merida, and at kilometer 115 + 300 the collision took place when the driver of the car allegedly invaded the lane of the bus. The accident left the car literally embedded under the passenger bus.

Scene of head-on crash Sunday night on Merida-Tizimin highway. (PHOTO:

Scene of head-on crash Sunday night on Merida-Tizimin highway. (PHOTO:

According to passenger testimony, the bus operator tried to avoid the collision, but the accident was inevitable. Both vehicles were off the road after the crash. The driver said he would notify the insurer and left the site.

On January 3, in that same stretch of road, less than 10 kilometers from the scene of Sunday night’s crash, there was another frontal crash, between a compact car and a pick-up truck. This accident left three dead.





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