Published On: Wed, Feb 15th, 2017

Shops closing in Playa del Carmen and Cancun due to violence

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In the last three months, 10 locations have closed in commercial plazas in Playa del Carmen “hot zones”, and a further 10 in Cancun are at risk of suspending activities due to high rates of violence.

Eduardo Galaviz Ibarra, president of the Association of Commercial Spaces of Quintana Roo, warned that these are establishments in the hands of organized crime, which were stripped from their owners, who prefer to remain anonymous, under threats.

The premises “are used as warehouses or distribution centers, which keeps the owners frightened. In fact, there are formal complaints to the Attorney General’s Office,” said the businessman, who said that “the information is not generalized.”

Emergency vehicles outside the Blue Parrot nightclub in Playa del Carmen, after a shooting recorded January 16, 2017. Photo: Afp

Emergency vehicles outside the Blue Parrot nightclub in Playa del Carmen, after a shooting recorded January 16, 2017. Photo: Afp

The plazas are in locations “that we can say are ‘hot’… they are the center of the city and the Hotel Zone”.

In Cancun there are on average 70 shopping centers, with an average of 50 places for each one; that is, 3,500 establishments.

He warned that the topic “is very worrying and alarming because although the problem is now concentrated in one point, if not addressed, in time the cancer can spread to other parts of the city. Right now, the problem is focused on two commercial centers.”

Eduardo Galaviz said that in the case of Playa del Carmen, seat of the municipality of Solidaridad, a dozen premises have already closed because they could not or did not want to pay the extortionists and preferred to lower the shutters.

As in Cancun, the problem in Playa del Carmen is in the center of the city, and the tourist area, specifically on Fifth Avenue, and the facts have also been reported to the State Attorney General (FGE).




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  1. Posto says:

    “please pass this along to city officials so they can go undercover and maybe help the tourists such as my self ”

    Those white collar bandidos are on the take. It ain’t happenin’ so forget about it.

  2. Patricia says:

    What a sham that the beautiful city with beautiful where their boats use to put out to go to cozumel to honor ixchel at her temple house .She was a real being . That is now being ravaged by corruption greed from of course HUMANS.OF THE SERVICE TO SELF IDEALOGY .PRAYER LOVE ITENTION ACTIONS FOR PEACE. STRENGTH RIGHT ACTION .YOUR MOTHER HAS NEVER LEFT YOU.

  3. bronxnyc says:

    It’s a real shame been coming here for past 12 years .. yesterday has I was walking down 5th I could feel something different in the air.. for one lack of security and after all that’s happened, sencond there was a nervousness in the air and last pushing my new born in her stroller I was approached if I wanted drugs.. I felt like grabbing the street tug and making an example out of him .. no respect .. pure stupidity .. I’m only afraid that what was once my paradise getaway is being over run by criminals!

  4. Matt says:

    This article is somewhat exaggerated. Yes, while some stores have closed 4 will open in its place. I have been coming to Playa for 20 years and am disappointed every year as to how big and commercial it has become. Maybe this will slow things down a bit. Also there is a very heavy police presence here so not sure why anyone thinks its unsafe.

    • RIcky Lies says:

      Matt, I’ve lived here for 15 yrs and your comment is just foolish. PDC has lost its quaintness but compared to just 3 yrs ago it’s lawless. The law is paid to look the other way and the political class are in way too deep to do anything meaningful.

    • RIcky Lies says:

      I’ve lived here for 20 yrs and the police presence is of no consequence, they’re bosses are paid to let the dealers operate. I came here from Acapulco and the cartels are using the same playbook used to take over Aca which nobody denies is lost to the cartels. All sad but true.
      VIva Mexico!!

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