Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2017

Security guard in Valladolid attacked with machete

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A very unusual violent incident took place in the heart of peaceful Valladolid, Yucatán; the city known as the “Sultana del Oriente” on the evening of Sunday February 5th; armed with a machete, a man attacked a security guard outside a local jewelry.

The events occurred on Calle 40 at the corner with Calle 39, inside the “Bazar Municipal“, right across the street from the main square in downtown Valladolid.

Around 7 pm on Sunday, the attack against Alfredo Castillo Nahuat, security guard of jewelry was reported.

VALLADOLID, Domingo 6 de Febrero del 2017.-Agresivo sujeto con machete en mano se va contra guardia de joyería.Megamedia/ESTEBAN CHUC NOH

An aggressive man with a machete in hand attacked a security guard in Valladolid. (PHOTO: Megamedia)

According to the information obtained on site, the attacker, wearing shorts and a white shirt, came asking for his wife, identified as Carmen and who works in a nearby location. He asked the guard to call her for him.

As the guard told him that he could not leave his post at the door of the jewelry shop, the man pulled out a machete and started hitting the tables of a nearby restaurant with it, then chased down the security guard and assaulted him.

Witnesses indicate that the injured was helped and some of the people there used chairs to back down the aggressor; and then, one of the civilians hit him with a motorcycle helmet, at which point he dropped the machete; he was held by the crowd and handed over to the police.

Municipal Police officers and a Red Cross ambulance in several units and two ambulances arrived shortly afterwards, arrested the suspect, and transfered the injured to the hospital.

Castillo Nahuat was attended by paramedics of the injuries he suffered in the left arm and in a finger of the hand. In the struggle the assailant, presumed ex-military, was also injured and the same Red Cross paramedics who attended him.

Jose Alfredo told the police that the machete went directly to his face, but he reacted and blocked the blow with his arm and then struggled with the attacker, until he got help from other people.


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