Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2017

Merida’s markets are focus of concerns about crime in Centro

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A perception of insecurity is growing in the center of Merida, so citizens propose the existence of a single law enforcement command and the disappearance of the municipal police, after considering that it has shown its incompetence to not be able to provide security to the more than 200 thousand people who walk daily through the central blocks of the city, where in days past a murder occurred in broad daylight.

The leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alfonso Seguí, said that the crime that prevails in the central zone, especially in the area of the city’s markets, makes imperative the construction of a police station.

On the subject, tenants of the old market (‘Lucas de Gálvez’) and the new (‘San Benito’) agreed on the urgency of a police booth with all the personnel and equipment to protect the more than 200 thousand people who daily arrive in the city’s center, whether to work, to do errands or to make connections to other points.

Alfonso Seguí said that “we have always pointed out that, although the Municipal Police really takes care of the center of the city that comprises nine blocks, lately it has left much to be desired.”

The body of a stabbing victim in Eulogia Rosado Park was covered with a blanket. (PHOTO:

The body of a stabbing victim in Eulogia Rosado Park was covered with a blanket. (PHOTO:

“We see so many issues of insecurity, such as the two big markets of the city, the ‘Lucas de Gálvez’ and the ‘San Benito’, in which congregate thousands of traders daily. They handle large sums of money, which makes them possible victims of assaults.”

He recalled that they have long proposed to install a municipal police booth in those markets, but the authorities of the City of Merida have ignored these requests.

Meanwhile, in the pre-dawn hours of Friday Feb. 17, a man was found lifeless on a bench in Eulogio Rosado Park located near the entrance to the markets.

The 40-year-old man had a puncture wound in the leg; the wound reached the femoral artery, causing him to bleed to death.

Police are reportedly investigating robbery as a possible motive for the assault on the victim.


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